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Friday April 10, 2020
Wendell Berry Links at ChangedMinds.org

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  •   Category: Community Type: Reading
    By Wendell berry -- "We are involved now in a profound failure of imagination. Most of us cannot imagine the wheat beyond the bread, or the farmer beyond the wheat, or the farm beyond the farmer, or the history beyond the farm. Most people cannot imagine the forest and the forest economy that produced their houses and furniture and paper; or the landscapes, the streams and the weather that fill their pitchers and bathtubs and swimming pools with water. Most people appear to assume that when they have paid their money for these things they have entirely met their obligations." -- From the full text.

  • The Idea of a Local Economy
  •   Category: Community Type: Reading
    By Wendell Berry -- "A change of heart or of values without a practice is only another pointless luxury of a passively consumptive way of life."

  • Wendell Berry
  •   Category: Living Type: People
    The New York Times has called Wendell Berry the "prophet of rural America." He is a former professor of English at the University of Kentucky and the author of thirty-two books of essays, poetry and novels. He has worked a farm in Henry County, Kentucky since 1965. He has been a fellow of both the Guggenheim Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. He has received numerous awards for his work, including an award from the National Institute and Academy of Arts and Letters in 1971, and most recently, the T.S. Eliot Award.

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  • Another Turn of the Crank
  •   Category: Sustainability Type: Reading
    By Wendell Berry -- "One thing at least should be obvious to us all: the whole human population of the world cannot live on imported food. Some people somewhere are going to have to grow the food. And wherever food is grown the growing of it will raise the same two questions: How do you preserve the land in use? And how do you preserve the people who use the land?."

  •   Category: Change Type: Reading
    By Wendell Berry -- "What leads to peace is not violence but peaceableness, which is not passivity, but an alert, informed, practiced, and active state of being. We should recognize that while we have extravagantly subsidized the means of war, we have almost totally neglected the ways of peaceableness. We have, for example, several national military academies, but not one peace academy. We have ignored the teachings and the examples of Christ, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and other peaceable leaders."

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